Back in black and white.

Quiet is back online.

There may not be much value left in the name after such an extended hiatus — the original went dark sometime in 2009, and the print zine hasn’t been published since 2005 — but for several years in the early part of the present century, Quiet reflected a fairly vibrant independent music community in far-western North Carolina. That community has waxed and waned in the intervening years, but it hasn’t gone away. Most would say it’s currently waxing.

So why re-launch a long-dead zine?

Simply put: because there are things going on, and we want to write about them. We will periodically publish original content on this blog, starting with a profile of a well-respected local songwriter within the next few weeks.

We also want to shine a renewed spotlight on those people who put in the work all those years ago to make our area a more creative place to live. To that end, we’ll be reposting the original four issues of the print zine in PDF format.

Perhaps most importantly, we think there’s still a role to be played in facilitating a diverse and creative music scene in our area. We hope that our Facebook page can become a valuable information source for anyone interested in music in our area. “Like” Quiet, and you’ll see articles, links, and events in your news feed, even if you don’t directly know the people on stage on a given night.

The one thing we require to be successful is your involvement. If you want to write or otherwise contribute, email us at If you’re promoting a show, or if your band just finished a recording, write it on our wall. Above all, check in with us periodically, and if you notice a band you think might be interesting, give them a fair shot to impress you by coming out to a show and having a good time.

We’ll see you there.

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