Monthly Archives: April 2011

Late bloomer: Local bassist in full flower

“This song was written before the USDA got their hands on organic standards!” announces the voice booming over the loudspeaker. It’s a Friday night in late April and the attention of the crowd gathered around the outdoor stage at Sylva’s … Continue reading

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Post-rock post

This Saturday at Guadalupe Cafe in Sylva: Lost Trail (from Raleigh) – minimalist post-rock Tall Fields (from Highlands) – chilled-out, atmospheric electronica Watch The Skies (of the Sylva diaspora) – heavy, harmonic post-rock Note: Watch The Skies features Matt Heisler … Continue reading

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Franklin is blowing up.

Pandora’s Box is now open, and the following glorious evils have issued forth: Unawarewulves, Go Devils, and the Killbillies at the Party Zone on Saturday, April 30th. Crow vs. Hawk, Angela Faye Martin and Red Collar at the Carl Slagle … Continue reading

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Back Street by black light: Absolem’s Hookah Spot

Sylva’s downtown nightlife, such as it is, runs along Main Street, while nearby Mill Street – often referred to, tellingly, as “Back Street,” and currently home to a cobbler, a frame shop, a laundry and a fishmonger – has tended … Continue reading

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The Imperative yields to the compulsion

It’s three days before the first show, and Luke Webb is rummaging through a basket of percussion instruments. He hands one to each member of The Imperative—a Tibetan gong for bassist Adam Bigelow, a two-sided brass cocktail jigger for keyboardist … Continue reading

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