The Power is out.

The Power at Absolem's Hookah Spot

File under “things Quiet should have covered but didn’t”: The Power will be playing their final show tonight (9/2) at Bubacz’s Signature Brew Coffee in downtown Sylva.

View the Facebook event here.

Had we written a review after their uproarious debut show in February at Signature Brew, it might have read something like this:

“The Power could just as easily have called themselves Chinese Fire Drill, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been insensitive enough to do it.

With all three members — Jason Brennan, Scott Dolbee and Jesse Romine — filling in variously on guitar, bass and drums, the band’s live show is an exercise in controlled chaos.

The Power is really two bands in one. Dolbee (formerly the drummer for the Sylva old-school punk band UPASS) pens quick, catchy pop-punk tunes that highlight his earnest voice and dashing good looks. Romine (previously known locally as a filmmaker and occasional sol0 acoustic performer) tends more toward a strummy country/folk approach, with hilariously crass lyrics and a manic — perhaps even maniacal – stage presence.”

We really should have interviewed them, because they’d have said hilarious things.

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